Continuous Verification: What It is and Why It is Crucial for Your Deployments?

August 22nd 2018

Enterprises are finding out business disruptions due to bad deployments are increasing as they adopt micro-services and cloud-native applications. With speed, comes the risk of releasing software without adequately testing the interaction and also able to manually observe the potential risks during roll-out. The risk could be due to a violation of compliance with the regulatory or enterprise policies for the software updates. In this webinar, we will discuss emerging topic called Continuous Verification - What it is and why it is crucial for your deployments.

Topics covered:

  • Challenges in evaluating releases in production rollout
  • Need for automation in release verification
  • What is Continuous Verification?
  • Enabling Continuous Verifications
  • Understanding Continuous Verification using Logs, Metrics and APM data
  • Verifying compliance through audit trail of continuous delivery
Date: August 22nd 2018
Time: 10am PT

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