Continuous Delivery: Is Spinnaker the Right Tool for OpenShift Deployments?

June 13th 2018

Your developers have adopted containers and microservices applications. You have implemented continuous integration tools like Jenkins. But your software delivery is still slow due to high ceremony release approvals, manual judgment of releases and myriad of scripts to roll-out and roll-back cloud deployments into OpenShift and other clouds.

So in essence, you need to modernize your software delivery to meet the increasing demand for speed of innovation from your developers.

In this webinar, learn if Spinnaker is the right choice for your Continuous Delivery solution for OpenShift deployments.

What you will learn:

  • OpenShift users top requirements for next-generation Continuous Delivery solutions
  • Introduction to Spinnaker enterprise CD solution
  • Top features and benefits of Spinnaker
  • Spinnaker demo - Deploying to OpenShift and AWS
Date: June 13th 2018
Time: 10am PT

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