Simple and Safe Multi-Cloud Deployments

Enable Continuous Deployment

Add automated continuous deployment to any existing CI tool chain - Jenkins, Atlassian, Pivotal etc. No more manual steps or scripts to maintain for deploy and rollback.

Simplify Complex Application Deployments

Achieve safe automated multi-cloud continuous deployments through Canary, Blue/Green, rolling update mechanisms and real-time automated analysis for applications.

Achieve Control and Consistency

Achieve control and compliance of application deployments by enforcing business and application policies.


Deployment Wizard

Easy to use wizard to simplify complex deployments with ability to choose artifact registry, cloud providers, deploy and rollback strategies.

Multiple Cloud Support

Deploy on cloud of your choice - Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and OpenShift.

Safe Deploy Strategies

Deploy applications safely through Canary, Blue/Green, Rolling Blue/Green or custom deployment strategies in an automated fashion.

Automated Rollback

No more manual or script based disruptive bad rollout and rollbacks. Use one-click automated rollback of deployment if deemed unsafe.

Control and Compliance

Ensure deployments are fully secure and compliant through automated compliance checks for each update.