Autopilot Deploy Safer using ML based Continuous Verification

Use Machine Learning to do Automated and Continuous Verification of Applications

Reduce Time and Errors

Automate new release verification to reduce time-consuming and error prone manual verification

Intelligently Control Rollouts

Use ML based intelligence to control app rollout via canary, blue/green or rolling update

Diagnostic Feedback

Get dev and ops to understand the new release issues with ease.

Avoid Disruption

Continue to monitor applications after rollout to production to detect issue and rollback to avoid disruptions


Autopilot – Automated Release Risk Assessment

Consolidated Risk Reporting for each Pipeline Run

Analyze Logs/APM/Metrics

Evaluate all available sources of data and assess risk

Consolidate Risk Scoring

Get individual and blended scoring to quickly evaluate risk for releases

Set Up Custom Alerts

Get notified of pre-determined events happening with custom alerts

Get Confidence with Risk Scoring

Get confidence scoring based on sophisticated statistical measure to feel confident of risk scores