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Intelligence for delivery and operations

Increase Velocity and Reduce Risk

Continuous Deployment

  1. Automating Your Canary & Blue/Green Stage : Release your software in minutes, with real-time and in-depth analysis of architectural regressions, performance deviations, and security violations to lower the risk while increasing the velocity of releases even for your most complex applications.

Rolling Update

  1. Increase Safety of your Container Applications Rolling Updates : Updating all production Docker container services with the new release can be risky due to faults. OpsMx in real-time determines the risk levels and directs your roll-forward or roll-backs, lowering risk to business integrating directly with Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Mesos deployments.


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Improve Release Safety and Diagnostics for Spinnaker

Spinnaker is continuous delivery platform pioneered by Netflix and supported by AWS, Cloud Foundry, Google Compute Engine, and Microsoft Azure..

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How to Set Up Automated Release Analysis in Spinnaker Deployments

Spinnaker, a continuous delivery platform is becoming popular among software deployment teams with its superior ability to orchestrate software delivery faster, safer and across multiple clouds.

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Safer Rolling Update for Docker Applications with Kubernetes

Docker containers have enabled applications to be developed and deployed faster due to its superior portability between development and production environment and across multiple clouds.

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